Monthly Archives: October 2014

Faith Run App

A friend of mine created this graphic to promote the running app “Faith Run”. The caption translates as Let the positive energy and confidence of finishing a race spill over to other parts of your life. You can download the app from For each kilometre run, a dollar is raised for charity. And in […]

Happy Anniversary

They were an amiable enough pairing. Both elderly and charming in that endearing way that elderly people often are charming. With that glint in their eyes that hints at the rambunctious youths they once were. One of them you could tell was always the more outgoing. A hearty laugh that accompanied the still coquettish toss […]

And They All Lived Happily Ever After

The dark skies aloft were tempered by the glow of the early dawn’s half moon. And as a soft breeze stirred the fallen leaves, so too did my feet begin to stir as I started forth on my morning run. On the surface the day begins as many others over my years as a runner. […]