Faith Run App

Let the positive energy and confidence of finishing a race spill over to other parts of your life.

A friend of mine created this graphic to promote the running app “Faith Run”. The caption translates as Let the positive energy and confidence of finishing a race spill over to other parts of your life.

You can download the app from

For each kilometre run, a dollar is raised for charity.

And in case your Asian language skills are lacking, here’s how google translates the About section of the Faith Run facebook page

Now , you and I ran every step has a new meaning
Each kilometer can be converted into donations, how great it would be a force
Ran out of the "heart" of the power
Use FAITH RUN APP, hiking , running, cycling can be raised NT $ 1 yuan per kilometer for public interest groups . In fact, we just want to sincerely jogging and exercise do something meaningful , it's that simple. With faith, ran the "heart" of the power

1 From the Google Play Store or iPhone App Store search and download Faith Run
2 starter Faith Run designate Please select charities you support
3 The system will automatically measure time , distance and can be converted into donations
According to your speed and movement , Faith Run is being able to identify your walking, jogging or cycling
5. running over, through sharing on Facebook, every dollar of donation effect can be amplified , get extra initiate effect
6. you pay every kilometer businesses and people of good will for you donation

What are you waiting for ?


  1. shawnasob · · Reply

    Google need update Asian to English translate. 🙂

    1. I’m sure it’s not perfect! LOL But I did send the google translation to my friend who created the Faith Run app and graphic and he gave it the thumbs-up, so I guess it’s close enough 🙂

      1. shawnasob · ·

        I’ll check out the app!

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