Monthly Archives: December 2014


So somewhere around 6:30 a.m….
Let me know if you feel a small surge of warmth.
Let me know if the skies above momentarily flicker with unexplained light.
Because that will be me as I serenely smile.


Resolving To Be Resolute

When I was a little kid I excitedly looked forward to the start of a brand new school year. In particular I loved the freshness each new beginning proffered. Complete with crisp work books abounding with clean neat pages. I would always start the new school year so meticulously. Writing with nothing but my most […]

To New Beginnings

Rod Lowe: Bronze Medalist in the 5000 metre, Silver Medalist in the marathon. While every word is the God’s honest truth, there are so many qualifications to the above post opener. Like, these are age group awards. At small events. And no one in road racing says “5000 metres”; we say 5k. But still, I […]