Monthly Archives: January 2015

Not Quite As Seen On TV

When I was in my teens there was a tv show that aired in the middle of the night. Not the kind of show that teenage boys wanted to see that they weren’t supposed to. Another kind of show. Something odd. Bizarre. Hypnotic. It had no script. No characters. And its soundtrack was a slow […]

On A Cold Winter’s Morn

To love someone deeply gives you strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage   -Lao Tzu In the thick darkness I kissed D goodbye. A pile of blankets laconically shrugged off his still slumbering form lay under my stockinged feet. Ah such nonchalant squandering of much vaunted warmth. The temperatures plunged overnight and […]

This Early Morning As Briskly I Ran

It started off as just for fun That’s how it started, my morning run But then my head did start to ache A growing pain so hard to shake At long last relief I found Without my toque stress unwound When a new plight came to light My bed head! My hat head!! Oh what a […]