This Early Morning As Briskly I Ran

It started off as just for fun
That’s how it started, my morning run
But then my head did start to ache
A growing pain so hard to shake
At long last relief I found
Without my toque stress unwound
When a new plight came to light
My bed head! My hat head!! Oh what a fright!!!
Add to that all things would worsen
The winds kicked up and I was cursin’
For with that, already disgraced
My hair froze solid into place
Haggard I looked yet onward I went
As frightened villagers – no harm meant
Cried and scurried to safe shelter
“Who was that odd man helter skelter?”
Yet you see ’twas only me
Whom the people did rightly see
So harmless, quite so, truly I am
This early morning as briskly I ran

DSCF5605fog and smudge stick LOW RES

image Professional  Artist Rendering



    1. And D’s smile too when I got in this a.m. Trust me! 😃

  1. Needs a selfie…

    1. I just added a professional artist rendering above

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