Monthly Archives: February 2015

Make It To Go

Imagine a Cookie Pizza with all of your favourite toppings on a crisp home-made sugar cookie crust. This one is topped with Cookies & Creme Chocolate Pieces, Dry Roasted Almonds, Vanilla Caramels, and Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips. I’m bringing this for D when I leave for his place after my last massage treatment. It’ll be the […]

To GPS Or Not To GPS? That My Fellow Runners Is The Question

There is an odd displacement to running without a GPS. There is nothing to accurately gauge my distance, to gauge my pace, and to tell me how I am faring. For the second day in a row my Garmin has misfired on my run. So today I run old school. I go by feel alone […]

Quite Simply The Easiest Cheesecake You’ll Ever Make

D. is on his way home. He’s been working hard at a 3 day conference and this will be the first chance we get to spend time together all weekend. So I thought, let’s do something special. But at the same time, something quick and easy because it’s been a busy couple of days for […]

To Better Days Ahead!

Though it still remains direly cold, there are glimpses of hope on the horizon. As I near the 15 kilometre mark I note that the skies have evolved swiftly into a powdery blue where once they remained steadfastly dark. The forecast itself also promises that today will be the final time in which I battle […]

Tomorrow Is Another Day

Readying myself for battle I donned my armour. A full arsenal of running apparel, including shirts, jackets, hats, gloves, and long underwear — each in multiple quantities. 27 articles of clothing in all. Enough to make even the most sainted nun feel secure in a night of strip poker against the devil himself. I would […]

Enemy Territory

Darkness has settled in. A cold wind howls, growing in strength with each passing hour. By morning the wind will reach over 60 km/h and with its relentless crescendo, the temperatures will plunge the suburban enclave into an ice age. -40C with the windchill. And into this arctic tundra, tiny in the face of Mother […]

From Sweden With Love

I like to think of myself as having a creative streak. Sometimes the creativity leads to success. Sometimes it leads to comic hijinks and misadventure. For this Valentine’s however, I think I did alright. These cookies are a traditional Swedish dessert that are essentially flaky discs of pastry filled with frosting. Sounds darn good to […]