Winter Running, Impressions On The Subject Of…

Like a tenacious boxer I stagger back to my corner, exhausted and weary. Voices surround me telling me to hang in there, that I’m fighting hard and my opponent knows it. I gulp a swig from my water bottle just as the bell sounds. The next round is upon me. If I can hang in there and go the distance I have a shot on the judges’ score cards. I won’t win by knockout, technical or otherwise. My opponent however can. She’s strong. And I know she can bring more to this fight if she wants. For now I must be spry. Use my wits. Do my best to dodge her roundhouses. Her body blows and jabs have been landing though. And they’re easily taking their toll. Getting up for each round gets harder and harder. Staying upright during each round more and more heroic. I’m hurt. I’m bleeding. But I can’t let her see me flinch.

Mother Nature can’t beat me. I won’t let her. I must continue running.


One comment

  1. Funny! Actually, Mother Nature hasn’t been that evil this year. But the roads around me are frequently icy and I won’t risk that. I managed to push deep into the season, so I will take my off season decrease in exercise volume, and start ramping up again next month. Winter was made to cross train!

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