To Better Days Ahead!

Though it still remains direly cold, there are glimpses of hope on the horizon.

As I near the 15 kilometre mark I note that the skies have evolved swiftly into a powdery blue where once they remained steadfastly dark. The forecast itself also promises that today will be the final time in which I battle through -30C wind chills this winter.

At long last I can see the finish line to what has been a very challenging season.

Perhaps that’s why my pace this morning was just a slight bit quicker. A spring in my step if you will. Perhaps it’s that I have finally dared to venture out without my ice spikes — the contraptions that assure greater footing on slick terrain, but also have me sounding like a tap dancer with OCD on clear pavement.

Whatever it is, I am grateful. Grateful that I have survived yet another winter of running. And grateful for the season ahead.

With spring just around the corner, many of us will start focusing on new goals. New hopes of personal bests, Boston Qualifying times, and podium finishes. My own race schedule is already beginning to take shape and I am optismistic that my resolve through this tough winter will pay dividends.

For now, what I know for sure is that even if the running doesn’t get easier, it will be more fun.

Here’s to better days ahead!




  1. shawnasob · · Reply


      1. shawnasob · ·

        No I haven’t but you just made my day! I was excited for -7 tomorrow…lol

  2. I know you are doing Around The Bay again. What else is confirmed or nearly confirmed this season? My calendar is pretty much locked in except that I haven’t committed to the ultra yet. There is also a HM and a 5k that I am on the fence about. I am already planning 2016!

    1. Hey Raymond! I’ve got the Toronto Yonge Street 10k in April, the Good Life Fitness Marathon in May, and the Scotiabank Toronto Marathon in October booked. Strong likelihood of the Peachbud 5k in June, Midsummer 30k in August and the Toronto 10 Miler in September. Hoping to do a HM either in Boston in June or NYC at some point but the exchange on the Canadian dollar is horrible 😔

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