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Racing Myself: The Fight To Be Faster

Date: Sunday March 25, 2012 Event: Around The Bay Road Race, 30 km (Hamilton, Ontario) Age: 40   Date: Sunday March 29, 2015 Event: Around The Bay Road Race, 30 km (Hamilton, Ontario) Age: 43   2012: The air is warm yet comfortable. Donning a pair of shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt, I take […]

No Subscription Necessary! A Direct Link To My Interview With iRun Radio

Here’s a direct link! I am on the March 22 edition and the preamble to my segment starts at 19:09 with me coming on shortly thereafter. Please let me know your thoughts and thank you for your interest and support! Rod

The Way The 3 R’s Ought To Be

I loped easily into the chilled morning breeze this morning. Not bothering with all the layers, not heeding the rigors of proper hydration, and not even bothering with breakfast. Instead I basked in the easy simplicity of merely donning a pair of running shoes and heading out the door. You see, I am in full […]

Interview With A Runner: A Link To My Interview On iRun Radio You have to click “subscribe”. But it should be free of charge. I didn’t see anything asking for payment when I subscribed 😃 My segment starts at 19:09. Please let me know what you think & thank you for your interest and support!

We Are Family

There are those runners who strive to win. There are those who strive to finish. And there are those who continually strive to be better than before. Just as we all have different goals, we runners come in different sizes as well. But amongst this wonderful diversity one constant remains which proudly unifies us all […]

Dangerous Beauty

Originally posted on My Life As an Ultra Marathon Runner:
There is a beauty and elegance to running. When done well it is free-flowing, powerful, and feels like flying. But there can be a danger about it as well. Three days before the 2014 Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon I started to feel run down. A…

If A Picture Says A Thousand Words: How My Life Has Changed In 2 Pictures