It Was A Good Run

The skies are clear.

The winds still.

And the grounds devoid of ice and snow.

On this morning, Mother Nature has flinched. The inclement conditions that hampered me for months have relented. And I find myself strikingly emboldened as a result.

I am like a prisoner whose shackles have been loosed. The key to my cell mysteriously pressed into my palm. My Sauconies, the ones without the ice spikes, glint at me like recently unsheathed weapons.

An ominous bloodlust for speed storms within me and my legs rage at the chance to gallop as I steal away into the dark.

Glowing from the heavens, the moon shines its assent on my efforts and 32 kilometres are vanquished with reckless abandon. Though hills would threaten me in the second half, they too fall easy victim to my stride. All 9 consecutive kilometres of them.

In my mind I return home a gallant and victorious gladiator. The slain gorgon head that was my morning run stares vacantly after me — the spoils of my triumph.

The first race of the season is at hand.

I am ready.




  1. We have another couple of nights in the -20F range coming this week, then low to mid 40’s next weekend. I will need to get a long run in next week…I can’t wait! First “race” of the season is the following weekend (Get Lucky Half Marathon). I won’t be competitive in that race, but it will motivate me to get out of the off season and train for my early May marathon.

    I admire and respect your dedication to training during the brutal winter. I could not stay motivated. You will blow past the rest of us who views a spring marathon through the gritty film of hibernation…


    1. Thanks Raymond! I think we’re in for some snow and freezing rain later this week but this was a welcome reprieve if nothing else.

      Good luck with your long run next week and your race the following week! But since it’s “Get Lucky” maybe you already have luck on your side 😃

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