I Just Wanna Run

Disclaimer: This is a (mostly) tongue & cheek rant. I mean no offence. And to those who are disciplined enough to do what I clearly can’t &/or won’t, as listed below, you have my utmost respect and admiration. Namaste 😃

I get a kick out of many of the articles I read on how to improve my running. Honestly my eyes glaze over at the overload of information. Moreover, rightly or wrongly, I often don’t follow a word they say.

For example, I don’t do tempos. Fartleks happen when I pick up the pace to make the light. I have no idea how many strides I take before I inhale.

I should be running how far at what pace? For how many repeats? You’re harshing my buzz man.

I weigh 147 pounds, what do you mean I need to lose 20 more? Screw you!

Heart rate monitor? No.

Am I a heel striker? I have no idea.

Maybe I’m just not as dedicated a runner as I and others would like to believe. And that’s ok.

I just wanna run.



  1. Have you been reading my mind or something? I couldn’t have put into words those except thoughts any better. I thought I was just to dumb (or lazy) to figure all this running stuff out; I’m just a running mad man without knowing what the heck I’m doing. But I do have a heart rate monitor and even use it, not sure what to do with the data but dang it I have a heart rate monitor (made in china no less.) lol

    1. It’s funny. My watch will sometimes pick up another runner’s heart rate monitor in a tightly packed race. I’ll get home, upload my data to Garmin Connect and lo and behold, someone’s pulse is there for me to see. It’s almost voyeuristic. But like a kid in a locker room, I may see something but I have no clue what it is!

  2. I’m with you! It’s for pleasure and sanity….maybe I’ll get into the craziness once my endurance is off the charts but for now.. ..just running does the trick

    1. Agreed! And to me, some of these well-meaning tips don’t sound at all fun!

  3. Yeah. I have not done any of those things. I wish I could do a bit of hill work, but none are around me. In triathlon training, the use of power meters on the bike is huge. I know nothing about them except that they are expensive. Aerobars…got them, they terrify me. Aero helmets…not much use if you are not in aerobars. Swim sets…nope. If I am swimming a mile, I swim freestyle until I am done. HR monitor? I occasionally wear one just to see what range my comfortable training lands me at. I have never worn one in a race. Garmin…useful to tell me how fast I am going (it will snap me out of a daydream occasionally) and how far. I never analyse me data.footwear? My original Saucony have mostly kept me injury free…why mess with them. Training shirt material? Not cotton, and whatever free event shirt I have lying around. Event shirt? Whatever badass finishers shirt I have lying around. What have I accomplished with these poor habits? Back of the pack at a full Ironman (but I finished), middle of the herd at a half Ironman (considering the level of fitness and training for these guys, I will gladly take that) and full marathon. Front-ish of the pack for shorter events (5k to HM). If I could get the discipline to put in consistent speed work, I could possibly podium someday at a short and small event. I am not convinced that all runners can successfully maintain pace at a full marathon distance (on paper, I should be in the hunt for a BQ based on my HM time…but I am over an hour slower at the full marathon then I “should” be). I put in a lot of hours assuming that I would have a breakthrough event someday, but it hasn’t happened. If I were close to a BQ, I might try to figure out what a fartleck is, but I just can’t bring myself to care. This is for fun and fitness. I burnt myself out on triathlon training last year getting ready for Ironman Wisconsin. This year, I have only signed up for sprints, and have barely touched my bike and have not gone anywhere near the pool. I am glad I did it, but lesson learned. If I am to enjoy it, I can’t take it too seriously.

    As an aside, are you planning another Ultra at some point? I know you were considering it awhile ago. I have one on the schedule, but it is just to check the box on the resume. 26.2 miles is more then enough to train for (and I am getting old even for that…)

  4. I have nothing on deck. When I started seeing better results in my marathon all of a sudden, I decided to give that distance another shot. The next ultra will come though 🙂

  5. {smirk face emoji}

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