We Are Superheroes

A few years ago, in the same year that I became a runner, researchers from Columbia and Harvard Universities collaborated on a study to determine the effects of various postures on one’s “super powers” if you will.

What they found was particularly interesting.

By adopting a superhero pose and assuming this stance of power for 2 minutes, we normal mortal beings are able to transform ourselves from mild mannered to something altogether extraordinary. Allowing us to achieve the unthinkable.


             Superhero Pose

By simply changing physical posture, an individual pre-
pares his or her mental and physiological systems to endure
difficult and stressful situations
So what does that mean exactly? It means that we can do that big presentation. We can negotiate that pay raise. We can……….run a marathon. Or more!
Which really shouldn’t be surprising, should it? No matter what our walk in life — be we parents, lovers, friends, runners, whatever that walk might be — in some way, aren’t we all already superheroes?


  1. I like this it helps in my job in security when I worked downtown someone didn’t like the fact I stood with my hands on my hip they said it made me look like the police.


    1. Unfortunately Marie you were never as appreciated as you should’ve been while you were downtown. Hope that this has changed 🙂

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