To New Beginnings

I remember the spring of 2012. The weather was warm and so too was the preceding winter. I was still relatively new to running. That point when everything seemed easy and every race was a PB. In part because I was still improving. In part because I hadn’t yet set the bar so high for myself.

In the 3 years since then I’ve learned that running isn’t always easy. And I’ve learned what it means to persevere. What it’s like to train through ice storms and mind-numbing windchills. What it’s like to rehab a serious injury, and come back. What it’s like to battle through mid-race illness and fight to prove something to myself when hopes of a PB have long since vanished.

And so today, with 3 weeks to go before my first race of the season, I set out on my training run. I take it out easy and challenge myself through tough hills well after the half marathon mark of my session. The better to ready myself for race day.

When all is said and done I find that I have covered my 35km’s faster than I have ever before in training. A revamped running regime over the last 8 or 9 months has seen to it that I am in the best shape of my life.

My second fastest training time? It happened in that same fated spring of 3 years ago when I set all those PB’s that still stand today.

Coincidentally this will also be the first time I will open my campaign with the same first 3 races I competed in 2012.

Over the next few weeks I wonder how many of those PB’s will still stand.




  1. Nice! Great job!!! Have a great season!

    1. Thanks Raymond! You’re up first though! Good luck next weekend 😀

      1. Thanks, but this is a “C” race (train thru). My longest run since Houston is 15 miles. Goal is just to run point A to point B (no walk breaks except slow downs at aid stations). I have a lot of races coming up…all “C” races except my Ultra (“A”), Pittsburgh Marathon (“B”), and TC 1 Mile (“B”). I think that I could argue that my ultra is the only “A” race of the year (and the goal is just to see how far I can go (I will be real disappointed if I don’t make 50k…anything past that is just bonus points). I am feeling pretty non competative about this season….

  2. Nice! Have a great race in 3 weeks!!!

    1. Thanks! I very much hope to 😃

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