It’s The Friends You Make Along The Way

Some of you I’ve known forever. Our bonds only strengthened through time.

Some of you I’ve met while on this journey of being a runner. Our kindred spirits linked via a shared love of running and a mutual respect for each other’s commitment to fitness and the march against Father Time.

Others I have yet to meet in person but I feel your spirit all the same. I hear you telling me to let it go when snubbed by a runner who doesn’t wave or say “hi”. I get your struggle to balance love and running all while baking up a storm of chocolate-covered desserts. And I’m there for you as you continue to push your limits, even in the worst of training conditions.

Some of you aren’t even runners but you get what I do in ways that transcend my sport. You get that running is merely a metaphor for anything in life. You dream big. Work hard. You struggle. But you persevere. Often to find that you are stronger than you ever dreamed possible.

To all of you, I say a genuine and heartfelt thank you. It is my pleasure to have you along for the run.



  1. Ahhh…shucks! It has been great going for a (virtual) run with you every day for the past few years…

    1. Thanks Raymond! Right back at you 😃

  2. shawnasob · · Reply

    Weirdest thing happened as I read this I swear something got in my eye maybe dust or the sun. Hate when that happens 😉

    1. I hate that too Shawn 🙂

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