Trying It On For Size

As I near race time I’m experimenting a little with my long run. Not wanting to just run one pace and be done with it, I thought I’d try different paces throughout my run to shake out my legs and see how much speed I can count on and for how far come game day.

Essentially my splits after warming up for a couple of kilometres have me going faster every other kilometre with slower splits in between before consistently holding a more aggressive pace for my last 3 kilometres. These discrepancies between kilometre splits grow more pronounced further into my run as I hold stronger paces for longer durations before resting again.

The route had rolling hills and some strong winds and I regard no particular split time as “good” or “bad”, but merely what is, merely what happened today.

In all, I will say that I feel very ready for The Around The Bay Road Race in 2 weeks time.

Here are my kilometre splits:

1. 5:36

2. 5:25

3. 5:35

4. 5:34

5. 5:28

6. 5:26

7. 5:18

8. 5:22

9. 5:24

10. 5:31

11. 5:18

12. 5:22

13. 5:25

14. 4:50

15. 5:23

16. 4:48

17. 5:27

18. 5:11

19. 5:39

20. 5:09

21. 5:17

22. 5:05

23. 4:33

24. 4:37

25. 4:21

Total: 25.01 km in 2:11:06. Pace: 5:15/km

Total distance for the week: 111.19 km

Previous Week: 124.05 km



  1. Wow! Those are some fantastic splits! I’ve been very frustrated with my lack of progress but never thought about purposely mixing up my splits. Great idea!

    1. Thanks Janice! It makes things more fun too. Which is essential in anything but especially when working out for longer periods 😃

  2. Nice! Sounds like you are ready! When will you start to taper?

    1. Thanks Raymond!

      I kinda sorta have started tapering as my distances are down from last week and down from my normal weeks. But the taper will be in full force as of this Thursday.

      1. So, I can expect you to be even crabbier then usual next week????


      2. Be afraid Raymond. Be very afraid 😈

      3. Pffftttt…. You are hundreds of miles away, and I can take you (you can out run me, but you are kind scrawny…) 😀

  3. Wow great times! You give me hope that someday I will run the times and distances you do.

    1. Thank you! I’m honoured and flattered 😊

  4. razkristi · · Reply

    Ahhh, long run paces I can only dream about 🙂
    I’m heading out for my long run shortly. My splits won’t look anything like that! Well done!

    1. Thanks Kristi!

      Have a great run 😃

  5. insideoutfitnesshoodriver · · Reply

    Nice! You might want to try adding some extra resistance, like a vest, on some of your runs! Also an “altitude training ” mask works good to help regulate your breathing! #Thetrainer

    1. I like it I like it! Thanks for the suggestions 👍

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