Dangerous Beauty

It’s Throwback Thursday. It’s also my first day of tapering. And I am already experiencing all of the rapidly fluctuating moods and emotions that coincide with the taper.

One such mood, as is befitting TBT, is nostalgia. That sense of reminiscing, of remembering special moments and lessons learned.

As endurance athletes we are often vulnerable to struggle in our pursuit of athletic apotheosis. Or at least what could reasonably pass for such when you are not a Kenyan or Ethiopian distance runner. But I digress.

It is in the recalling of such times of struggle when we can learn most those valuable lessons about what works, what does not work, and most importantly, what we are truly capable of achieving in the midst of adversity.

In this spirit, I give to you, my esteemed and appreciated reader, my recollections from the 2014 GoodLife Toronto Fitness Marathon.

My Life As an Ultra Marathon Runner

There is a beauty and elegance to running. When done well it is free-flowing, powerful, and feels like flying.

But there can be a danger about it as well.

Three days before the 2014 Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon I started to feel run down. A cold started to make its presence known and despite my best efforts I awoke on race day still lethargic, sneezing, and with a scratchy throat. All in all I knew it was going to be a rough day. But I didn’t foresee just how rough.

The winds were menacing all morning. Even with the downhill portion of the race we were heading into some strong headwinds which nullified any advantage the decline would usually proffer. After that it was a solid 14 kilometres, between the 21st and 35th kilometre points, that once more the winds would conspire against us. I knew this. As is the…

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