Interview With A Runner: A Link To My Interview On iRun Radio

You have to click “subscribe”. But it should be free of charge. I didn’t see anything asking for payment when I subscribed 😃

My segment starts at 19:09.

Please let me know what you think & thank you for your interest and support!



  1. Cool interview! the road is a very good listener; Why didn’t he mention your blog?

    1. Thanks Bill! I appreciate you listening in 🙂 I guess the topic of my blog never came up. I even forgot all about it in the moment.

  2. Nice! Yes, he should have plugged the blog. You forgot how many marathons you have run? Really? And it’s not about the medal? Oh Rod, you disappoint me… 😉

    1. Thanks Raymond 🙂 And thank you for listening! I really should qualify that last portion about the medal. While it’s true I am much more focused on improving my times than I am about the medals, I will choose a race with a medal over a race without a medal all things being equal. And I will choose a race with a nice looking medal over a race with a less aesthetically-appealing medal all things being equal. But I think another factor in my statement is that I have run many of the same races several times and the medals often-times are the same each year, which diminishes my fascination with them.

      1. That is part of the reason that I travel. New and different bling. And, if I travel for bling, it better be damn fine bling! 😀

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