No Subscription Necessary! A Direct Link To My Interview With iRun Radio

Here’s a direct link!

I am on the March 22 edition and the preamble to my segment starts at 19:09 with me coming on shortly thereafter.

Please let me know your thoughts and thank you for your interest and support!




  1. Fantastic radio interview! Wow, you’re really quite the pro, dispensing advice and all. I’ve always found your blog posts inspirational, and today more than ever, I needed to hear this interview – after months of training, I’m sinking into a mental funk 3 days before my next race… 😦 so thanks for sharing. Wish I could have you on-call for moral support!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you got some timely inspiration and I’m grateful for you listening to my interview. Thank you!

      I think funks are very normal albeit blastedly nasty buggers to work through.

      Running may be what we do for fun bilut it’s not always easy is it? And you’ve been racing at a torid rate lately. Plus if you’re like me, and from what I’ve gathered you are VERY like me, you are probably going through some wicked taper-related mood swings. Believe me I can relate. Poor D!

      And you do have me on-call. Right here 😃😃😃

      1. I’m not kidding about having you on-call… I need your expertise without broadcasting my issues on your blog! Is there a way I can PM you?

      2. I think I found your email on the wordpress notification notifying me of your comment. Check to see if you got an email from me?

      3. Thanks buddy =)

  2. You got the gift (spoken and written word). I still view the “not about the medal” comment as heresy. BTW, how many marathons have you run? Athlinks has you down for seven, but I only saw one spring marathon for 2014, so I think that some are MIA. I can clearly remember all 10 of my marathons, but they are blurring together. Different venues do make them a little more identifiable. But that is one reason that I don’t even want to consider another IM…I want to keep it as a very distinctive and unique memory (that, and the training would kill me). My HM are a complete blur…

    1. Thanks Raymond! Ya I stopped claiming my races on athlinks awhile go. They made some changes to their site that I didn’t like so I gave up on them.

      Let’s see, as far as official races and not including training, I’ve done 2 marathons a year dating back to and including 2011. So 8.

      1. See, I knew you could remember how many marathons you have run…


  3. Btw, does that total include 1) your ultra, and 2) you one man charity marathon?

    1. No those are not included 🙂

  4. Best of luck today at ATB today! Mike wishes you luck too! And I totally forgot to ask if D is running too.
    I’m looking forward to hearing your interview when I return home from Prague.

    1. Thanks Kristi! And thank you Mike! We are both racing today. Though I think D is more calm in his approach than I am 😃

      I’m obsessing over winds which will grow stronger as the morning goes on. And the winds will be facing us as we head into the 2nd half of the race.

      We drove along the detour though and if I read the map correctly the detour is actually quite easy in comparison to THE hill. But I guess I shouldn’t say anything too soon!!!

      How are you folks spending your final hours in Prague?

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