The Way The 3 R’s Ought To Be

I loped easily into the chilled morning breeze this morning. Not bothering with all the layers, not heeding the rigors of proper hydration, and not even bothering with breakfast.

Instead I basked in the easy simplicity of merely donning a pair of running shoes and heading out the door.

You see, I am in full taper mode. My distance today of 3 kilometres sees me barely warming up the broad muscles of my legs before turning for home — the wind now buffeting at my back.

So I could afford such opportune nonchalance with my morning preparations. Heck I didn’t even bother setting my alarm. I was gone for such a short time that there was no danger of me falling behind in my day by getting a late start.

The hard part of training is over. I can indulge in these more humane niceties. All the better to rest, relax, and recover. The way the 3 R’s ought to be.

For in 94 hours it’ll be time to race once more.



  1. And post-race, you can relax some more with the 3 C’s: chocolate, cheese and champagne.

    1. I do like the way you think šŸ™‚

      1. Hehehe…that is why I signed up for the Hot Chocolate 15k…chocolate fondue at the finish line!

  2. Have a great race! I will be tracking you and one other friend. Is the race Saturday or Sunday? Starting time? How many corals and how long does it take to get everyone on the course? Is this the race where they have Gold and Silver medals for certain time achievements and bronze for finishers? Are you looking for gold or silver? What are the time requirements (or am I confusing this with another event?)

    1. Thanks Raymond! The race starts at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday. There are 4 corrals and everyone should cross the start within 5 minutes of the gun.

      This is one of the races I’ve competed that has different colour medals based on placement/time. But as I am well back of the silver standard I haven’t paid attention to know what time cutoffs currently are.

      I do recall a few years ago thinking that if I made the silver standard and hung on to a decent (i.e., not at all impossible) pace for another 12.2 km’s that I’d safely qualify for Boston.

  3. Should you eat before running? You know I never thought about it. On those weekend runs, most of the ones I take pictures while running, are done on an empty stomach.. The most I will have is two fish oil, one garlic and one glucosamine pill 8 oz of water and I’m out the door.

    When I ran cross country in High School I never ate because I would always get cramps I guess I never broke that habit. Now you have me concerned! should I eat before my 10K race? just when I think I got this I learn something new!

    1. Hey Bill,

      I would strongly encourage you to stick with what works for you before Saturday’s race. šŸ™‚

      I remember hearing that we each store enough glycogen in our bodies to fuel us for a half marathon. And truthfully, the reason I eat before I go for my run is because I get hungry otherwise. I eat a small bowl of cereal just to keep the hunger pangs away. Anything more and I’d be afraid of cramping too.

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