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McDreamy’s Death Plus Taper-Induced Angst

And now this awesomely touching video filmed in my hometown across the street from where I live. I need a hug ❤️ Advertisements

Scenes Of A 10K: An Accounting Of The Toronto Yonge Street 10K

<Open onto the interior of a well-lit studio apartment. The balcony door hangs ajar. A gentle spring breeze freshens the air. Our hero sits comfortably in a 1920’s wingback chair. A plate of cookies by his side. He faces the viewer.> It was a good race I must say. Blustery and cold though. But still […]

For Tomorrow I Celebrate

It’s a wondrous spring afternoon. The weather in the manner we Torontonians had been fantasizing about after months of deep freeze. The air is sun kissed and warm. Flowers are at last in bloom as branches sprout fledgling buds. And yet here I find myself cooped up indoors in repose. Race day is tomorrow. Though it’s a relatively […]

Chasing Time

I catch myself at times as I gaze at my reflection. I catch myself wondering as I scrutinize the fine lines that used to retreat after a good night’s sleep. As I take in the grey hair that once was sporadic but gradually over the last few years has tenaciously taken greater and greater hold. […]

I Did It! I Got Away With It! And I’ll Do It Again!

I hmm’ed and hawwed about this for awhile. Everybody else is doing it. And getting away with it. But I know me. I don’t do these things. I mean I used to. But that was a long long time ago. I couldn’t do it again. Not now at least. Could I? It does look like […]

Runner’s Rich Chocolate Cake Courtesy of The Tamarack Ottawa Marathon

Two years ago I competed in the Tamarack Ottawa Marathon. A fantastic race with incredible fan support. An event especially meaningful to me because it was the very first marathon I ran after my father’s death. I was filled with emotion that morning, though nothing remorseful. Rather, feeling my father’s spirit urging me on every […]

On A Runner’s Pride & Great Expectations

Originally posted on My Life As an Ultra Marathon Runner:
A few years ago at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon a couple of runners came on course at about the 5 km mark. I figured they were resuming the course after taking a bathroom break. Another runner beside me though was not so convinced and…