I’m Looking Forward To Tomorrow’s Run

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s run.

It’s a recovery day. Slow easy running. A chance to explore and unwind without the pressures of pace and speed. In truth, this whole week is supposed to be a bit of a breather in terms of my training. Not in terms of distance as I have been running and will continue to run my normal distances. Nor really in terms of speed as I find myself wanting to push harder and harder when I run. I’m hungry. After being so close to a PB I’m angst-ridden for more speed. A chance to redeem myself in my own eyes.

So I suppose there really hasn’t been a recovery after my race on Sunday.

I feel fine. Physically I feel strong and am raring to go. Mentally I’m feeling a bit of a post-race letdown. After all the (internal) hype and build-up, the days after a race, after the pictures & after the storytelling, are always a bit of a struggle. There’s no more race to look forward to. At least not for a couple of weeks. No more stories to tell. And no more congratulatory messages to reply to.

As much as I love running and derive a wealth of enjoyment and benefit from my sport that remains far removed from the milieu of kudos and humble brags, I admit that come race time I get swept up in the more external gratifications that come from the attention of others.

That attention is gone now. And my own attention must return to those original reasons I took to our sport all those years ago.

The road is a wonderful listener. And tomorrow is my chance to reacquaint myself with the simplicity of running. Its peaceful solitude. Its unadulterated welcome, heeding neither speed mastered nor distance mustered.

Just me. Running.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s run.



  1. shawnasob · · Reply

    That’s what it always comes down to. Just running.

    1. Sounds pretty darn good, huh? πŸ˜ƒ

      1. shawnasob · ·

        Damn skippy!

  2. Have fun:) I’m trying to get back into running also.

  3. Thanks Lourdes!

    I read your post from January about your return to running and the marathon you ran! congratulations πŸ˜ƒ

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