Hello Norma Jean

While the neighbourhood lays soundly sleeping I set off on one final run. Through hills and tree-lined cul-de-sacs. Amid old houses and new developments. Memories springing forth to say hello. To say goodbye.

The hill training I would do along mucked-up country side roads. The German Shepherd that patrolled the old car shop, eager to bark its unyielding dominance early each morning. And my first night here…a story-book Christmas Eve with downy snow and twinkly stars. When I looked into D’s eyes and realized for the first time, I was falling in love.

But now D is moving. And this would be my last of countless training runs in this neck of the woods. One chapter closes just as Once Upon A Time is scrolled neatly upon another set of nearby pages.

From Markham in the Greater Toronto Area’s east end, westward to Mississauga, we drive in a rented uHaul. Me, D, and a surprisingly inordinate number of boxes.

Streets run on a diagonal here. Heading west on Burnhamthorpe is actually to traverse southwest. A smirky wink from God. Combine this minor direction challenge with being haplessly directionally-impaired and I can foresee many a long run in this new-to-me neighbourhood becoming many a longer run.

Neither D nor I know the area well. But the neighbourhood seems quiet. Trees and rivers run plentiful. And with Mother Nature somewhat reluctantly warming to the thought of spring, being lost here on a long run may not be the worst thing imaginable.

Yet as I scan the distant horizon where the downtown skyline rises, I think better of tempting fate. The shapely monoliths of the Marilyn Monroe condos stretch skyward. Just as their namesake had while performing Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend over sixty years ago.

I smile at yet another memory just as new memories for the two of us begin to take shape. I reach for D’s hand and it give it a gentle squeeze. With our new landmark found, it’s time for us to head home.



  1. So, I got lost in the poetic verse. To summarize, you moved to Missassaga?


    May I ask why you have moved?

    1. Thanks Raymond!

      But no I didn’t move. I am still living in Toronto.

      D moved to be closer to work šŸ˜ƒ

      1. Got it. Thanks for the clarification…

        Congrats for D!

  2. Enjoyed reading this really well written šŸ™‚ also sounds like you may have the opportunity to do a little trail running. You should write more so i’ve something to read because I’m stuck here in a chair unable to move for when I do my body is electrified with pain.

    1. Thanks Bill! I’ll see what I can do. And hopefully you’ll be recovered sooner than later!

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