On A Runner’s Pride & Great Expectations

In light of Athletics Canada’s findings, as well as the race director’s own admission that the 2015 Around The Bay Road Race was inaccurately measured.


My Life As an Ultra Marathon Runner

A few years ago at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon a couple of runners came on course at about the 5 km mark. I figured they were resuming the course after taking a bathroom break. Another runner beside me though was not so convinced and started calling them out as cheats.

Earlier this year I was told that the Run Disney events have a strongly participatory nature. By that I mean, so long as you cross the start line, you get a medal. Indeed one woman proudly flaunted this fact by stepping across the start and then drove off to triumphantly collect her medal. I’m sure for her and many of her friends and family the story will be recounted jovially and received with hardy guffaws if not sincere congratulations. I however would be outraged.

Among the running community I’ve found that the honour code is a very strong and…

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