Runner’s Rich Chocolate Cake Courtesy of The Tamarack Ottawa Marathon

Two years ago I competed in the Tamarack Ottawa Marathon. A fantastic race with incredible fan support. An event especially meaningful to me because it was the very first marathon I ran after my father’s death. I was filled with emotion that morning, though nothing remorseful. Rather, feeling my father’s spirit urging me on every step of the way, I was proud and happy to show him what his little boy could do.

20x30-OTCC3787 spotlight

Though I have not raced this event again, it remains on my radar. As well as on my Facebook page. And this morning I awoke to a post from the Ottawa Marathon for their Runner’s Rich Chocolate Cake.

Made with beets to ensure both sweetness and nutrient value, I was intrigued and immediately set out to test this recipe. Now anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a fan of healthy alternatives. I run over 115 kilometres a week and feel that when it’s time to splurge, I want the real deal. My secret weapon is portion control. And of course the fact that I give away vast quantities of baked goods to family, friends, neighbours, and just about anybody who is willing to risk their gastronomic health and sign a waiver absolving me from any and all culpability.

Wanting to control portion size I decided to make muffins and found that the recipe baked 10 muffins perfectly in 30 minutes at 350F. Now what you should know is that my oven, much like me, is not the quickest mover out there. So if you do try the muffin route for yourself, maybe take a quick peak around the 25 minute mark.


The result was very moist and fluffy. Chocolatey and, due to the beets, earthy. Satisfying without being overly rich. And since beets have been known to boost endurance, I’m sold!


Here’s a link to the recipe:



  1. razkristi · · Reply

    I saw this recipe too and was wondering what it would be like. Looks yummy!
    We’re counting down to Ottawa Race Weekend, an annual event for us. All four of us are doing the 5k Saturday afternoon and then I’m doing the half the next morning. I was feeling fine about running the 5k with Luke until he announced that his goal was 25 minutes 😦 I may be waving him on after the first couple of km and meeting him at the end.

    1. Thanks Kristi!

      D really likes the recipe too. A huge testament given how readily he labels healthy alternatives as tasting “healthy” — not a good thing! And he swears he doesn’t taste the beets at all.

      The race weekend will be another great addition to your family’s running dynasty! Good on Luke for setting such a lofty goal for himself (but maybe not the best pace for someone heading into the HM the very next day!)

  2. Glad to hear your beet chocolate cake turned out well. I myself was tricked into making that stupid two-ingredient cookie, you know, the one with mashed banana and oatmeal. The comments on various websites were all so positive, and I thought why not.
    Well I tell you why not, because rubbery discs are NOT cookies, people. Cookies got crunch. Even cake needs to be spongy and fluffy. Those flabby, rubbery, chewy sad disasters are a crime against humanity.
    I think I may just throw them into the next few smoothies to not waste food.
    On a completely different note… love that photo!

    1. Oh dear. Sounds like a complete waste of time and carbs!

      Have you tried making pancakes out of mashed banana, egg, and cinnamon? They’re sort of like a banana omelette. D’s not a fan but I like them. Then again it could be because of all the syrup I load on to them…

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