For Tomorrow I Celebrate

It’s a wondrous spring afternoon. The weather in the manner we Torontonians had been fantasizing about after months of deep freeze. The air is sun kissed and warm. Flowers are at last in bloom as branches sprout fledgling buds.

And yet here I find myself cooped up indoors in repose.

Race day is tomorrow. Though it’s a relatively short 10K, I want to do well in it. The Toronto Yonge Street 10K overlaps with the route I’ll be racing in The GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon in 15 days. So it’s a test run of sorts to ready me for the marathon’s terrain while also helping me to gauge my speed and power — two qualities I have set about studiously to improve.

Race well tomorrow and hopes for a strong marathon are buoyed significantly. Race well tomorrow and there will be reason to celebrate.

So I prepare today as I will in two weeks’ time.

DVD’s of Under The Tuscan Sun and Spirit of The Marathon jockey for position with episodes of The Golden Girls. I’ve readied my race kit and bag check. Visualized the race route and scrutinized the hourly forecast.

All this while flexing my culinary creativity by baking stacks of sugar cookies mixed alternately with cardamom* and pistachio. And of course, layered with Nutella.


For tomorrow I celebrate!

*Thanks for the cardamom inspiration Nandini!



  1. Have fun on your run tomorrow! looking forward to the results. I’ll attempt 5K today SLOOOWWW pace to see if I can run yet.

    1. Thanks Bill!

      Good luck with your run! I look forward to hearing how it goes 😃

  2. Hasn’t this spring weather been gorgeous Rod? I have never run a chip timed 10k before (always been half marathon or more), but did one today with the Barrie Spring Thaw. It is the same thing, you do want to do well with it. It was a fun well organized event, and am pleased with my result.
    All the best with tomorrow’s race, as well as the Goodlife marathon in a couple of weeks. I am amazed that you are running the full this early in the season. Much respect! 🙂

    1. Thanks Carl! And congrats on your race! I was taught to race shorter distances to help me be stronger in my longer distance races.

      The shorter distances are very different aren’t they? There isn’t the same luxury of warming up through the race. Nor is there the opportunity to make up ground for a slow start.

      It’ll be a fun challenge. Hopefully I’ll be as happy with my race as you are with yours 😃

  3. Good luck tomorrow! You are so used to long distances that this will probably feel like it is done before you have even started 🙂
    We’ll be participating in the first orienteering even of the season tomorrow morning. The boys are very excited. As for me, i’ll just be wandering aimlessly in the woods hoping I find the controls.

    1. Thanks Kristi! You and the boys will be great. As usual 😃 I look forward to hearing/reading all about it! Good luck and have fun 😃😃😃

  4. Have a great race Rod!

    1. Thanks Raymond! Will be leaving in about 20 minutes. Nervous. Always nervous I am. *sigh*

      1. You’ll do great! Is this part of your taper?

      2. Thanks! Yes, in conjunction with a post-race cool down of 10km this is indeed part of my taper 😃

      3. LOL! Even though 15k seemed a little light for a taper week long run two weeks away from my marathon, the thought of running again after the race never even crossed my mind… 😉

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