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Because I Want To


I Will Get Stronger II

Being Hunted : Thursday Tempo Group Runs, My Perspective On …

After 10 kilometres of running we find ourselves at the intersection of Howland & DuPont. With one final kilometre to go, our group collects itself for one last intensive sprint. My newfound friends are fast, strong, and experienced. Many are Boston Qualifiers while I as yet am not. It is at this point in our […]

Of Lilac, Apple Blossom, And 22 Straight Days Of Running

The boulevards in D’s new neighbourhood are tree-lined and fragrant with the blossoms of lilac and apple. The dusky skies yielding to a pale blue while ducks languidly float along the gentle current of the local creek. Even the avenues here are placidly named. Autumn Harvest and Golden Orchard being among my favourite monikers that […]

I Will Get Stronger

We’re Honestly Really Friendly BUT

Here’s how to incur the endless wrath of a runner…… This is my truth, my credo, my life. Have fun reading and let me know what you think 🙂

Recovery Running & Running To Recover

I’ve been running the last couple of days. So no days off since the marathon. Nothing huge or particularly fast. But running all the same. They’re called recovery runs for how they help with the body. But in my case the recovery has been every bit as psychological as it has been physical. That I […]