My Game. My Race.

To everyone racing this morning, let’s rock this!

My Life As an Ultra Marathon Runner

Every stomach crunch. Every lunge. Every squat. Every wind sprint. Every long slow run. Every tempo run. Every kilometre. Every step. Every hill. Every taper. Every plank. Every extension. Every contraction. Every lift. Every mountain climber. Every hamstring curl. Every stretch. Every split time. Every interval. Every lap. Every speed training session. Every affirmation. Every visualization. Every nutrition article. Every motivational piece. Everything I’ve studied. Everything I’ve watched. Everything I’ve heard. Every tip. Every gram of carbohydrate. Every gram of fat. Every gram of protein. Every millilitre of water. Every cliff shot. Every sports drink. Every coconut water. Every warmup. Every cool down. Every recovery. Every split time. Every blackened nail. Every bloodied toe. Every jump. Every Russian Twist. Every resistance exercise. Every balance exercise. Every 5 a.m. start. Every bead of sweat. Has brought me to this moment.

It’s Race Day

2012 B&O Yorkville Run 8x10 B&W edit

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  1. shawnasob · · Reply

    You can dooooooo it!

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