We’re Honestly Really Friendly BUT

Here’s how to incur the endless wrath of a runner……

This is my truth, my credo, my life.

Have fun reading and let me know what you think 🙂




  1. I have never understood the problem with the term “jogging” myself…except that it brings flashbacks of the 70’s…

    1. I think for me there’s a connotation that jogging is less serious. Jogging is a game while running is a sport. Jogging is like the impromptu round of badminton at the family picnic; it’s casual and easy-going; and flies completely contradictory to how I view my efforts.

    1. All very very true! One of my friends couldn’t understand how running an extra 650 metres in the marathon could cost me 3+ minutes. “But a sprinter covers 100 metres in less than 10 seconds…..”

      Right. Slow deep breaths Rod. Slow deep breaths.

      1. Sounds like that friend of yours isn’t a runner, eh? (Or even a jogger, for that matter.) But seriously, it takes a certain amount of thoughtlessness for a comment like that. As if they’ve never been tired in their lives before?
        After my recent DNF, GP’s mom said to me that I have issues to resolve; I push myself beyond limits cos I have something to prove, I care too much of what others think of me, I am proud and it’s arrogance to attempt an ultra, and maybe I didn’t feel loved by my parents.
        It kills me to know that this person will one day be a grandparent of my kids. 😢

      2. I have no words NT. None at all. My jaw is on the floor. What did you do? What did GP say/do?????

      3. GP wasn’t in the room so he didn’t hear it. You know what it’s like to have an Asian upbringing and feeling obliged to show deference to the older generation… on the inside I was in knots but I could only nod and say “yes, maybe you have a point”.
        Thankfully, GP’s dad is a much more compassionate person!

    2. And I would love for someone to buy me shoes!

      Send me an email NT and catch me up on you 😃

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