Of Lilac, Apple Blossom, And 22 Straight Days Of Running

The boulevards in D’s new neighbourhood are tree-lined and fragrant with the blossoms of lilac and apple.

The dusky skies yielding to a pale blue while ducks languidly float along the gentle current of the local creek.

Even the avenues here are placidly named. Autumn Harvest and Golden Orchard being among my favourite monikers that sweep along the curving water’s edge.

People seem friendlier here. More ready with a quick smile and a welcoming hello. It may be the giddiness of spring’s long awaited embrace on this early morn. But I believe there to be a deeper-seated genuineness to these kind-hearted gestures. And it makes the running all the more enjoyable.

For 22 straight days now I’ve been running. Starting a week before The GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon, through that race, and on and on.

Though something continues to urge me forward, I can’t really say that I know for certain what that something in fact is.

But I am greatly enjoying the journey.

As the days become brighter and the flora more lush, there seems to be a growing sense of excitement and anticipation in the air.

It truly is a wonderful time to be a runner.



  1. Hey buddy! How’s the streaking coming along? 22 days of nonstop running, right through a race no less! Now that’s inspiring. =)

    1. Hey NT! The streak is now at 26 days and counting 😃

      I’m not going for any numbers as I never meant to have a streak.

      I continue to feel strong and am having fun. So long as those factors continue then I see this streak continuing for a bit.

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