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Any Advice On Trying To PB In A 5K?

Good Morning Friends! I am racing a 5k on Tuesday evening. It’s not an event I’m used to and I am wondering what your experiences are and what advice you may be willing to share. The 5k distance is tough for me to get and maintain speed. Moreover, as my marathon race pace is about […]

The Pecking Order

It sounds somewhat crude for a generally thought of altruistic all-supporting athletic pursuit as Endurance Running. But that a pecking order exists, which includes even the most isolated of runners, is indeed factual. That this pecking order is one that inspires and elevates as opposed to being based on a more traditional hierarchical view of […]

To My Future Self On Race Night

This is a letter addressed to my future self. To the me of exactly one week from now to be precise. Please know that I have done my very best to set you up for success in your race this evening. It wasn’t always easy. You know I’m not an evening person but I trained […]

I Feel Really Really Good

Running Streak Update

Weights And Measures

With each new tweak to my training regime my body changes accordingly. First the weight drop over the fall and winter that accompanied my increased mileage. 7 lbs lost from mid summer to early February. On paper not much, but noticeable by all. Now with increased speed workouts and a running streak which currently stands […]

Within Every Good Cook Is An Even Better Improv Artist

Have you ever had that sneaking suspicion that you were forgetting something? And then realized that that sensation was in fact coupled with a sensation of déjà vu? Like when you go grocery shopping and forget to pick up something? Two days in a row. You guessed it. Happened to me. Just now. And of […]