On The Subject Of Nostalgia


I am struck as of late by great waves of nostalgia. Memories flood me of times gone by. Sweet memories tinted through the filter of time in ways that only serve to enhance the good while simultaneously mitigating the less than desirable.

If only I could find a mirror with the same properties.

A song will play on the radio and my mind will drift to a bygone era. As Tina Turner belts out What’s Love Got To Do With It I am propelled backwards into the summer of 1984, riding bikes with Matty and Doogan while Matty’s older sister Amy — clad in too much makeup and scandalously little of anything else — tries valiantly to look fetching for the older boy next door.

Little did I know that a time would come, over 3 decades later, when I would once again hear Tina and the veil between worlds would be pierced for a few wistful moments.

The march of time is unfailingly resolute and astonishingly quick. And it is these inherent qualities which remind me that in a life well lived there really is no room for animus, anger, or fear.

Much of what I once thought to be unfathomably difficult has, with the passage of time, turned out to be anything but. While those situations which were in truth more burdensome have long since healed.

There is a saying that goes:

Time Is A Wonderful Healer

She’s A Horrible Beautician

But She Is A Wonderful Healer

A little love and a bit of patience really does go a long way.

So it is with this thought that I challenge you my esteemed reader — to remember that this moment will too pass. Cherish the good. Forgive the bad. And embrace life in all its infinite wisdom and glory.



  1. Thanks Rod. I really needed to hear this right now. Keep on writing, you change the world with your words.

    1. Glad you enjoyed. I feel I needed the reminder as well. How are the Games?

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