Weights And Measures

With each new tweak to my training regime my body changes accordingly.

First the weight drop over the fall and winter that accompanied my increased mileage. 7 lbs lost from mid summer to early February. On paper not much, but noticeable by all.

Now with increased speed workouts and a running streak which currently stands at 51 days, my body is again shifting. This time it is a gain of 4 lbs in 4 months.

I must be the only person I know who loses weight over the fall & winter and gains it back in the spring & summer!

But this new weight gain comes with an accompanying 2% drop in body fat. All things being equal this translates to my amassing over 6 pounds of muscle since the beginning of February.

My body hasn’t had this many changes since I went through puberty. Dear God let there finally be a growth spurt!

On paper I am stronger. In training I am faster. My clothes fit better.

I am ready to race.



  1. …and the pants don’t fit because your quads are so damn big…

    1. I am at this moment wearing baggy legged cargo shorts 😃

  2. Any hints for loosing my man boobs?

    1. I’m no expert at this but I’m guessing that you’re already well on your way given all the running you’re doing Bill 😃

  3. I lose weight in winter and gain in summer too! 😣

    1. I always liked you NT 😃

      1. You know how it goes… in winter it’s all hot tea and vegetable soup but in summer it’s cocktails, ice cream and barbecues. Summer is just NOT diet-friendly.

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