To My Future Self On Race Night

This is a letter addressed to my future self. To the me of exactly one week from now to be precise.

Please know that I have done my very best to set you up for success in your race this evening. It wasn’t always easy.

You know I’m not an evening person but I trained every Tuesday evening for the last 5 weeks doing speed drills to get you ready for this Tuesday evening. THE Tuesday evening. THE race.

And let me tell you, speed training tonight was unbelievably hard for me. I wanted to throw in the towel or at least throw up on more than one occasion. But I hung in there. For you. To give you the best chance of succeeding in this race.

Know that you are stronger than I am. You can handle the heat now. You can handle the poor air quality now. You have the benefit of more than a week of tapering. You have the benefit of race day adrenaline. And you have my fervent belief in your inevitable success.

A few things:

Remember to relax your shoulders. You tend to hike them upwards when you’re pushing too hard. Remember to be nice and smooth with your stride.

Break every portion of the race into manageable chunks. Race to that tree, then to the end of that road, then to that turn, etc. etc. until you are finally done.

Keep being aggressive.

No matter what your brain tries to convince you of when it gets tough out there, YOU ARE MORE THAN STRONG ENOUGH TO MAKE YOUR GOALS A REALITY.

You have trained hard.

And I am very very proud of you.

Good Luck & Go Get’em!



  1. razkristi · · Reply

    Which race is next?

    1. Jerry’s Peach Bud 5k. I want to be fast πŸ˜ƒ

  2. Good luck! I’ve no doubt you will be fast πŸ™‚
    Just came in from a 7+ km trail run with the boys. Lots of technical footing, took over an hour. I couldn’t keep up with them – they had to keep doubling back to me so we wouldn’t all get separated!

  3. Thanks Kristi!

    And great job on the trails. The “cross training” will really build strength for the road races. πŸ™‚

    Are you all on summer holidays yet?

  4. It is officially holiday time! Finished up at one school last Friday, the other school yesterday. Woohoo!
    I definitely feel the cross training aspect of trails, particularly technical ones where there are a lot of rocks, roots and turns. I am working my leg muscles a very different way. It makes for a much slower pace but it makes me feel like I am doing strength training for my legs. I find it good mentally too, my mind is concentrating on the path and where I put my feet.

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