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Running Streak Update


You Are Invited To A Party

I feel like celebrating. Throwing a party. And you’re all invited. But for now at least this is a pretend party. So no one is actually on the hook to travel. Though that could be part of the fun! You see, I got a notification from WordPress a couple of days ago. It’s been 2 […]

For Starters

We all come to the start line with different stories. Different experiences. Different challenges. Some of us have overcome injury and a sense of inability. Others have had something to prove; perhaps moreso to themselves than to anyone else. Still others are here to inspire, to show that hard work and determination can bring you […]

One Summer Morning

As boughs fragrantly-laden Dance high above in the light summer breeze We sit just you and me. Having played mirthfully on swings Kicking heavenward The sun drenching kisses on our smiling upturned faces. Contentedly we now blow bubbles Time standing still For us alone. This sweet moment You with me And me with you.

The Feeling Begins

The rays of sunlight softly cascade into D’s living room. The air conditioning belying the truth that lays outside the brick walls and glass panes. The truth being that the heat and humidity of the July afternoon has reached their excruciating apex. Stepping outside, the air is impenetrable. The heat bounces off the austere concrete, […]

Ready, Set

A Grateful Respite

The rains fell heavily last night. Grumbles of thunder and flashes of lightning lit the skies. It’s quiet now. As gentle streaks of sunshine peek shyly through forlorn clouds. I am in a small Québécois village west of Montreal. My training run is done and all is right with the world. Sitting in a quaint […]