A New Friend

With a little over a kilometre left, fatigue starts to set in. I’m wailing with my arms to keep my legs going but my heart and lungs are wailing back all the more.

In my periphery I see her. Clad in a triathlon suit, her movement remains solid and does little if anything to betray the toll the race has taken. As she passes me I muster the strength to urge her onward.

Go Get’em!

An admonishment barely audible between gasps. But my message is still received. My new friend turns back for a split second and with a wide beam smile thanks me before resuming her plunder of the racers ahead.

I hang on to her with all I’ve got. My eyes start closing as we hurtle past road pylons. My mind disassociating from the abuse I wreak on my own body. We overtake runners together, her leading, me following. A sharp right and another sharp left as we each position for the inside lane. More runners succumb to our chase as we charge the finish.

Triumphantly we are done. Me immediately after her. She would claim 2nd in her division while I would settle for 4th in my own.

We did it. As individuals. And as an impromptu duo. I pushed her just as she pulled me.

Turning to congratulate and thank one another she introduces herself.

My new friend’s name is Katherine.



  1. Awesome! How long was the race? And what happened next…?

    1. This was a 5k. Probably my weakest distance of the endurance events. I’m not properly trained to hold a 5k pace as I barely ever train it at this point in the season, except to hold it for 800 metre intervals.

      What happened next? She got on her bike and rode off with her friends and I went to cheer my partner across the finish 😃

      1. It’s the pay off unfortunately – Run faster over longer distances, and you’ll be slower over shorter distances.

  2. We are all in this crazy ride together, aren’t we!

    1. And Thank God for that Kristi! Thank God for that 😃😃😃😃

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