Beautiful Day

It’s Tuesday morning. The sun glancing over the horizon; its position and warmth still far from their zenith. With the winds still calm, it truly is the quintessential summer dawn.

The downtown streets remain calm too. Morning traffic non-existent. Too early still for the vociferous throngs of office workers and too late for the more nocturnally inclined.

Yet I am not running this morning. And part of me, a large part of me, longs after this missed opportunity. Instead I will take to the roads later this evening, as I have now on Tuesdays for the last couple of months.

It still seems foreign to me. This aspect of training — running in the late day. And with mornings like this one I do relish the chance to just lace up and go.

But I know better.

I will need to save my strength for later. When I find myself sprinting uphill in the searing heat, heart clamouring from the effort to stay afloat amid a pack of Boston Qualifiers, I will be thanking my current self for showing restraint.

For now I sit comfortably on my balcony. Facing eastward with a glass of lemon water in hand I salute the rising sun and give thanks for what promises to be a most beautiful day.




  1. Hear hear! Dawn is my favourite time of day!

    1. Aw the gentle quietude of dawn before the rest of the world awakes.

      In a past life I’m convinced that I was some small subterranean mammal that only hesitatingly appeared above ground when the big loud dinosaurs were safely gone.

  2. I used to run predawn most days – an amazing feeling watching the sun come up as you’re half way round a 10k. Also, the air just feels better at that time of day.

    I switched to evenings for the marathon training though, mostly for logistics. But I miss those early mornings. They come with a sense of achievement you don’t get later in the day.

    1. Very very true Trevor! And for me it is hugely tough trying to sleep after training in the evening. Making for a very tough turnaround for a 15k recovery run on Wednesday mornings.

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