This Is What I Trained For

I have been running every day now for over 2.5 months. I have averaged over 14 kilometres on each of those days. By the end of this week I will surpass 3,000 kilometres since the beginning of the year.

Through it all I have worked on both speed and endurance. I have taken on a team of people to get me to the shape I am in. I have pushed my limits beyond what I thought possible.

My mind and body have been transformed.

I am ready.

What I hope to achieve is excruciatingly tough and can be quite dangerous.  But I have prepared for the contingencies. Others have done what I endeavour to accomplish. Reminding me that what I seek is doable albeit extremely harrowing.

I’m hoping to be done in under 3.5 hours. It could take longer. It could take all day if things go wrong. I may even DNF. But let’s not put that out there.

I’ll do my best.

My Yankees baseball cap and my favourite hoody have went missing within the depths of my overly-cluttered closet.

If you haven’t heard from me in a few days, send help.

This is what I trained for.



  1. runsonsyrup · · Reply

    Exactly!! Trust the training, the rest will come. “The hay is in the barn”… or whatever. 😉

    1. And hopefully the missing clothes are in the closet! Otherwise I have to brave …. The storage locker *eep*!!!

  2. Wait, um… what? You did all that running to train yourself for cleaning out your closet?
    Why don’t you just do what normal folks do (i.e. ring ma to come over and do it for you please bring lasagne too)?

    1. Lol! Well I think you know I was being tongue in cheek here NT 😇

      Though I am missing that hat and hoodie and do want to find them.

      Let’s call it cross training then 👍🏽😃

  3. Yankees ball cap? I would suspect that you would be looking for your favorite Red Sox hat…

    1. When I go to Boston and buy that Red Sox cap, it will definitely be a prized possession!

  4. How do you find the time to train and look into the abyss

    1. I think time is suspended in the vortex.

      Found the hoody! The Yankees cap is still MIA. Will question the hoody to see what he knows a little later. Right now it’s important that the hoody rests. It’s been through quite an ordeal.

  5. my26pointtwo · · Reply

    Train hard, race easy! good luck!

    1. Thanks Lewis!

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