A Grateful Respite

The rains fell heavily last night. Grumbles of thunder and flashes of lightning lit the skies.

It’s quiet now. As gentle streaks of sunshine peek shyly through forlorn clouds.

I am in a small Québécois village west of Montreal. My training run is done and all is right with the world.

Sitting in a quaint 3 room B&B where I stayed the night restfully I am seated tout seul in a country dining room. The soft dulcet strands of Francophone chanteuse Monica Freire play off in the background as I indulge in a moment of blissful solitude.

Church bells ring sonorously to signal the hour as I gaze through the window and off into the distance allowing my mind to freely amble about.

Earlier as I ran through the village and into the neighbouring town I was taken in by the coastal river views to the south and the Gatineau mountains stretching skyward to the north. Though humid, I was carried by the peaceful environs and gentle breeze.

I leave soon. But it’s been a beautiful stay. A grateful respite amid a hectic summer.




    1. Thanks Bill 😃

  1. I love moments of solitude like these. For a moment, I can pretend that all is right in the world.

    1. You said it NT. It’s like the world, for a few brief moments, is put on pause 😃

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