The Feeling Begins

The rays of sunlight softly cascade into D’s living room. The air conditioning belying the truth that lays outside the brick walls and glass panes. The truth being that the heat and humidity of the July afternoon has reached their excruciating apex.

Stepping outside, the air is impenetrable. The heat bounces off the austere concrete, dialling up the ambient temperature until it is quite simply, soul sapping.

Gratefully my run today is light. Short. And slow. Merely a means of stringing together yesterday’s 23km run with tomorrow’s long run. The effort exerted in order to stretch my running streak to 91 days.

The increased mileage is paying dividends. On Thursday I chose to forego my customary 5km warmup prior to the crew’s tempo run. Thus providing me with a sneak peek at what my legs could do with only the slightest whisper of a taper.

The result? I knocked off 7 seconds per kilometre over the 12 kilometre distance. Including hammering out the toughest of hills 22 seconds faster than ever. And sprinting the final kilometre 12 seconds quicker than before.

After 13 weeks my running streak total is at 1,326.89 kilometres. My year to date mileage now stands at 3,112.59 kilometres. A YTD total I didn’t manage to surpass until November 10 last year — a year which for the moment remains as my greatest mileage year yet.

Yet it is only July 25th.

I am still projected to have over a thousand kilometres of running ahead of me before October’s Scotiabank Marathon.

Over a thousand kilometres to get even stronger.

To get even fitter.

To get even faster.

There are people in my crew who are excited by my progress. Excited by what I might be able to throw down this autumn.

And I must admit.

I am too.



    1. Thank you Raymond! 😊

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