You Are Invited To A Party

Richie's Bday Cake

I feel like celebrating. Throwing a party. And you’re all invited. But for now at least this is a pretend party. So no one is actually on the hook to travel. Though that could be part of the fun!

You see, I got a notification from WordPress a couple of days ago. It’s been 2 years since I started this blog.

Through this blog and over these past couple of years I have gotten to know you through your stories and in turn you have been great sources of inspiration in helping me shape my own story. Thank you!

I have gotten to know a few of you through “behind the scenes” correspondence and have even had the pleasure of meeting a couple of you in person. Some of you are runners. Some of you are foodies. Some of you are all of the above. And still some of you are none of the above. But you have all been welcome additions to my world.

So humour me. Let’s have this pretend party. RSVP by leaving a comment and tell me where in this great big world you’d like to celebrate and what kind of food you’d like to have and/or maybe even bring.



  1. Boston on a certain spring Monday. Once you are done your 26.2 mile warmup, we could finally go for a run together (and I might have a chance of keeping up). Food? Chocolate anything (except GU). Bonus points for adding caramel or Peanut Butter…

    1. Oooo … Me likey this party Raymond!!!

  2. Bordeaux wine and cheese platters featuring Beaufort, Delice de Borgougne, Bleu d’Auvergne, Tomme de Haut Savoie, Livarot, Salers, Morbier, Neufchâtel, Corsu Vecchio, and some sort of bûche cendrée (maybe something from Poitou).
    Then when we get suitably drunk and stuffed with cheese we can play tag or something.

    1. I think I have drunk a total of maybe 10 alcoholic beverages in my life. It will not take much to get me tipsy. So promise me this game of tag will not take place on the terrain of your last race! 😋

      1. Are you serious?! Wow, I suddenly feel like I ought to get myself to the nearest AA meeting. I used to knock back 10 drinks in a night (granted, my Uni days were the unhealthiest I’d ever been). Running and racing probably saved my liver from cirrhosis as I now stick to a glass or two on weekends or special occasions.

      2. I’m a goody goody 😇

  3. shawnasob · · Reply

    Chuck E Cheese! Pizza. Cake. Ice Cream. Lol

    1. Ah the simple pleasures! 😃

  4. Manuas Brazil at the mouth of the yellow and black rivers. I’ll make out family’s BBQ

    1. Filipinos and BBQ! It’s always a good pairing. And I’ve always wanted to see Brazil! I’ve been in the Peruvian portion of the Amazon. Brazilian side would be awesome! 😃

      1. I fell in love with Manuas – hated São Paulo. I want to go live there for six months after I retire. Doubt the six months will happen though. BUT my Filipino BBQ is really good, or so I’m told. People hoard it at parties.

      2. Sounds good to me. I’m sold!

        And I felt the same way about my travels in Peru. Loved Iquitos (their jungle port) and Cusco (gateway to Machu Picchu) but couldn’t leave Lima fast enough!

  5. razkristi · · Reply

    I’m going to assume that this party will involve running, so let’s go somewhere without the scorching temps we are experiencing now. How about Iceland? I will bring chocolate milk for everyone, a selfish choice as it is my favourite recovery drink.

    1. Love it! How is the heat in Ottawa Kristi? I have now run in 40C humidex and -40C windchill in this year alone!!!! We have royally PO’d Mother Nature.

      1. razkristi · ·

        We were orienteering yesterday at 6:30 pm and the humidex was still 39C. Even going at an easy pace we were all soaked. This weather is making me a morning runner!

      2. Adaptation. That special quality that allows a species to survive.

        From what I recall you and mornings are not usually the best of friends. I guess the enemy of your enemy is your friend when it comes to running and heat waves 😋

  6. my26pointtwo · · Reply

    Cambridge, Punting on the Cam, Strawberries and Champagne. I have lived and loved in this city for 35 years and I am yet to make that simple plan a reality. I guess I better invite the wife too!

    1. Well this sounds like an awesome time to do so! At least for the purposes of this pretend party. But hopefully you will make your plans a reality soon enough Lewis 😃

      And yes! Significant others and family are all welcome! I better start baking 😃

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