Gone Fishing — The End Of My Running Streak

The email came out late yesterday afternoon. The details for this evening’s track workout. In! I’m in! Count me IN! My mind screamed. For each time the workout has been published this has always been my unequivocal and very timely response.

But yesterday, for the first time, I wavered. And this morning I replied. Out.

In the latter half of my recovery run yesterday I felt a bit of discomfort in my left foot. Like it needed to be cracked. Or like it had a mild cramping. I’ve had this sensation before and it normally resolves itself after a couple of minutes. But yesterday it didn’t. And this morning that sensation, though much improved, was still there.

I was hoping to be ready to run this evening. And of course, now that I have decided to forego the run, my foot feels fine. A little niggle. But immensely better than it has felt over the last 24 hours.

I could still make a go of the track workout. It is still 10 hours away. Or at the very least I could do a light run on my own.

After all I don’t think whatever it is that is affecting my foot is serious. But I won’t run. I want to be cautious.

Running first and foremost for me is about health and fun. Running in discomfort is not fun. Chancing that the discomfort could lead to pain is not fun. Neither is it healthy.

Yet as grown up, mature, and pragmatic as I may sound, this was not at all an easy decision for me to reach. There’s a bit of ego involved to be sure. Never a good thing in my history! Ego about preserving the running streak that is. My running steak.

Also, I just want to run today.

I really really love to run.

It makes me happy to run.

But ultimately, I want to run tomorrow. And I want to run for the rest of my life. So as much as I second guess myself right now, missing today’s run not only seems like the grown up choice, it seems like a most worthy sacrifice.



  1. That streak means a lot to you, and there isn’t a minimum duration, distance or intensity. Do a light slow rehab run around the block just to see how it feels…

    1. Thanks Raymond. The streak does mean a lot. There is a minimum distance of 1.6 Km’s. It’s a distance that is used by a running streak event I participated in this year called “Run For The Sun”. You are correct though in that my streak now goes beyond RFTS and I make my own rules 😃

  2. It sounds like you are listening to your body and I think that is really important for runners. Enjoy the off-day.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. And I am grateful to you not just for your support but also for your example on this 😃

      Thank you.

  3. widhopoenya · · Reply

    Get well soon rod, it’s definitely a worthy sacrifice for listening your body 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! My foot feels much better. I did test it out by running across the street when the light was turning red and the foot was fine.

      Will try a run tomorrow if it continues to improve 😃

      1. There you go…the streak is still alive!

  4. Running red lights! Ha! That can be Exhilarating. Mini adrenaline rush eh?

  5. Glad to hear your foot is feeling bettering

    1. Thanks Bill. Threw down a 15km run this morning. The new streak is on!

      1. I wish I could run like you, even run with you would be a blast

      2. Thanks Bill! Running with you would definitely be a blast 😃

  6. So how did the day off feel? I know running streaks can become very important to people but I always figure the ultimate reason we all stick with this sport is to stay healthy. Staying healthy often means rest 🙂 Personally, I’m looking forward to my rest day tomorrow!

    1. Odd. I was certain I replied to you this morning 😕

      The streak was important to me. But not as important as my health and happiness. We are very much on the same page in this regard Kristi! I always knew I liked you 😇

      The day off felt really really good. It’s amazing how much time running and then recovering take up. The rest did me good and I as able to run again this morning 😃

  7. Ahhh! I’m so sorry I’m late on the action, and it seems like you’re way past it now, but I just wanted to say it was a damn good idea to listen to your body and take the day off. Mitigating injuries is absolutely crucial when one intends to run long and run far. I’ve reduced my mileage for every single run this week just because I feel like I’m flirting with burnout (had a couple of scares last week that came with running hard in the hot weather).
    Keep an eye on that niggle, and keep on listening to your body. =)

    1. Thanks NT! Glad you’re doing a good job listening to your body and mind. We really do need downtime in order to push the distances we do. And when you think about it, our bodies have earned that downtime 😃

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