Testing. Testing. 1, 2, 3.

There will be some who may find me boastful. While others may think me a slow runner. I do hope I am neither. But as I cannot control others’ perceptions of me I do ask your forgiveness in advance if this post renders you either offended by my seeming braggadocio or disenchanted by my apparent dawdling pace.

Neither of these is my intention. Rather what I put forth here is a set of factual statements to help me assess how my training is faring with just over 2 months until the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

Statement 1: The humidex during my training run was at 30C this morning. With the projected humidex reaching 38C, I left earlier than usual. Starting my run at 5:15 a.m. after consuming a bowl of Vector Granola with 2% milk and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil.

Statement 2: I ran 42.21 kilometres. I did so without any tapering. I did so as my long slow run. And I did so to test myself, to help me determine what a realistic time for my race would be.

Statement 3: I ran 42.21 kilometres in a time of 3:45:09. This equates to a 5:20/km or 8:35/mile pace. I ran this deliberately slowly — checking my watch almost every kilometre after the first 8 kilometres to make sure I was not pushing the pace. I routinely had to force myself to slow down more and more. I wanted this to be a long slow run and I wanted to ensure that I had enough energy to finish my run strongly given the heat.

Statement 4: I ran this marathon distance with a negative split of over 3 minutes. 1st half: 1:54:05. 2nd half: 1:51:01.

Statement 5: As far as run nutrition goes, I had a 591 mL bottle of Gatorade and one chocolate flavoured Cliff Shot which I ate, whether I wanted to or not, in quarters at 12 km, 22 km, 27 km, and 32 km.

Statement 6: I felt very strong!




  1. Great post as always; Tried my first Cliff Gel Shot today man it was awful ! I’m pretty sure it made me even more thirsty. But, I guess you have to eat it on the longer runs; I did notice it didn’t crap up as much as I do with out eating one.

    1. Hey Bill! I’ve definitely had that thirst sensation before. I think the gel can be a bit thick and causes that feeling of wanting something to wash it down. Experiment though with a few different brands and flavours to see what works for you. The right gel will definitely do wonders for your energy in the run. As you already found out 😃

      1. Thanks Rod, I think the one I had was just way two sweet. I did help allot; just not sure what intervals to take them.

      2. That’s part of the experimenting too 😃. What flavour did you choose? Raspberry is Cliff’s sweetest in my opinion. I’d say vanilla is next and chocolate the least sweet of the flavours I’ve tried.

      3. Yeah ! I think it was the Raspberry; it was berry of some sort. Not a fan of vanilla or chocolate said too say. Do they have Balute flavor? Lol

      4. Well at least that wouldn’t be too sweet! Or sweet at all. You could try patenting it. I’d be interested in watching the reactions of the unsuspecting runners who try it for the first time.

        Having said that I have NEVER tried balute so I have no idea how it actually tastes. I can’t get past the appearance 😱

      5. Yeah I’ve never had it, my wife loves it and I refuse to kiss her after she eats it. It has allot of protein though and comes in a biodegradable package.

  2. WELL DONE!!!!

    1. Thanks Q! Means a lot 👍🏽

  3. Holy smokes, you’re gonna kick ass at that marathon man.

    1. From your keyboard to God’s ears NT!

      I am encouraged. My PB is a just over 5 minutes faster than what I ran on Sunday 😃

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