What A Difference A Year Makes




  1. Now that’s an accomplishment! Its amazing when you look back and see how far you have come

    1. Thanks Bill! I am sure you’ve come s long way in your running since last year too! You’ve really been picking up your mileage 👍🏽

      How is the Disney training going?

      1. You know I stated training hard and then it was no more fun running. I started to dread having to run; I no longer enjoyed it. So I decided train without training (play on Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon) and a funny thing happened- I was able to run longer and further. Now I just run; I actually run more now then when I was training if you can believe it. It’s more frequent runs but progressive say Monday 3.3mile Tuesday 4+ wens 7 Thurs run if I feel like it, Friday run a random distance based on my body Sat or Sun long run 10 or more. Seems to be working but who really knows I’m no expert. I just decided I’d rather run and enjoy it then run just to be in a race. After being able to run 13+ miles that I can do the Disney Dopey run, just not fast. The only problem I have is my toes they hurt after long runs and I can’t figure out why

      2. Have you went to a running store? They might be able to see if the shoes are fitting properly or make suggestions as to what to do?

      3. I think is just how my toe roll I’ve tried different shoes and shoe styles or maybe the way I tie them is allowing my foot to slide. Only happens when I run long distance

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