The Privilege Of Pressure

While night time stretches longer and the temperatures become more humane, I feel a rumbling steadily growing within me.

In less than 8 weeks time I toe the line once again at The Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

For over 3 years now my personal best at this hallowed distance has remained unsurpassed. That is, unsurpassed by me.

Yet my last two attempts, I feel, should have been fruitful. At the very least one, I feel, should have rewritten my personal ledger.

And so, as the countdown to race day marches resolutely forward, as my training continues to progress, and progress well, my excitement grows.

And so too do my nerves.

While the great Billie Jean King likes to remind us that pressure is a privilege, I would go one step further and posit that the same holds true regarding pressure which is self-induced.

For this internal pressure comes part and parcel with an inner belief. Specifically, if I didn’t believe I could break my own record, I would feel no pressure to do so.

Pressure is indeed a privilege.

When you feel that inner pressure to succeed, when you feel that internal pressure to improve, it is because someone is saying:

I believe you can do this. I believe in you.

And that someone who is saying this — is you!

And so I challenge you, dear reader, to not shy away from the burdens of internal pressure and self-expectation. But rather to embrace these seemingly arduous entities for the symbols of hope and belief which unfailingly lie within.



  1. Well said!!!

    1. Thanks Bill!

  2. I do try to avoid those voices so I don’t end up competing too much… Perhaps I should learn to embrace them a little more?

    1. I think you’d be a great racer!

  3. Yeah STWM is coming up fast. I had 4:55 last year, so not too much pressure for me. Then again, last year was running on a sprained ankle…haha.
    All the best in your next 8 weeks of training! 🙂

    1. Thanks Carl! And we’re now down to 51 days! Good luck to you too 😃

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