Monthly Archives: September 2015

‘Twas The Night Before Long Run

An original poem by me ☺️ Advertisements

Reflections On The Way To The Finish Line

I remembered the track at Winston Churchill. Its 800 metre perimeter at points gravel, at points concrete, and at points dirt. Its entire length is narrow in bredth. Affording just enough room to accommodate 2 people shoulder-to-shoulder. Yet despite all of this, Winston Churchill is home to a myriad of running groups, fitness clubs, pedestrians, […]

The No Fly Zone

In a blur as I opened the balcony door I was ambushed. The merciless intruder shoved aggressively past me and into my hitherto safe haven. My heart raced as I turned to appraise the interloper. He was brawny. Hairy. With menace in his compound eyes. He was a black fly. But not just an ordinary […]

5 Weeks ‘Til Race Day

New 30km PB by 3:31