5 Weeks ‘Til Race Day


New 30km PB by 3:31



  1. By my quick math, that would give you a marathon time of about 3:27 (2:27 over “old man” qualifying time (45-49). Add adrenaline on race day, and you would meet that qualifying standard (I suspect you will next month). When do you hit 45? Boston is becoming more of a “when” then an “if” for you it would seem…

    1. I second the “when, not if” sentiment!

      1. Thanks NT! I’m hoping for good things for sure 😃

    2. Thanks Raymond! I won’t hit 45 until November of next year. So the trick is to stay fit, keep improving, and next year when I am still 44, I can try to qualify for 2017 as a 45 yo as my qualifying time would go toward age on race day.

      1. Find a November marathon. What date in November?

      2. One marathon at a time 😃

        Need to stay focused on October.

      3. Wow! Age is based on the date of the Boston Marathon, not on your race date. That’s odd. But it works in your favor. Hard work next year gets you in…

      4. In re-reading the rules, if you go sub 3:25 next month, you could use it for 2017. Keep in mind that you would need a couple of extra buffer minutes to secure a spot. Any chance of you calculating a 3:22 race pace and just going for it?

      5. You are shrewd Raymond. I was hoping no one would have caught that in the rules. But nothing gets by you! 😃

  2. razkristi · · Reply

    You are getting so close to that BQ! Definitely a “when” not an “if! Well done 🙂

    1. Thanks Kristi! I’m working on it 😊

  3. I thought that said long SLOW run…Rod aka Speedy Gonzalez

    1. Shucks 😊

      I’ve been training myself to run more and more of my long run at race pace so that it’ll be easier come race day.

  4. Awesome run! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Chad! I’ll do my best 😃

      How is your running going? Any races coming up?

  5. Rooting for you Rod. All the very best

    1. Thanks Nandini! Very appreciated 😃

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