‘Twas The Night Before Long Run

An original poem by me ☺️




  1. Have a great run, and stick to the taper, buddy! You’ll have a fantastic marathon with a result worth framing up for sure!

    1. Thanks NT!

      You’d be amazed at how many people have told me to stick with the taper. My reputation obviously precedes me ☺️

      I appreciate your advice and encouragement. As always 😃😘

      1. Well, you are known to really push yourself to the limit after all, so it’s little wonder people nag at you! But seriously, the benefits of a taper are very real. I won’t go into details here but let’s just say I skipped my last training run on Friday and today’s race outcome was surprisingly good. 😊

      2. That’s fantastic! CONGRATS!!! Gimme highlights? When will you have the race report up?

      3. Eh, I will try to get it up soon. ☺ I ran the race as you advised, just enjoying it without pressure and finished 4th in my age category and 10th Women’s (that said, there weren’t many of us; the 34km had 211 finishers of which 29 were women and only 11 Senior Femmes). I may or may not have been playing air guitar and singing along to U2 and Muse during the race too…

  2. runsonsyrup · · Reply

    Love it!!

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