Monthly Archives: October 2015

We’re Not Normal

Paul’s strideĀ is easy and free, despite a cold hampering him this morning. With 10 days to go until his next race, a half marathon in a neighbouring town, his fitness is at its zenith. Though he professes his glory days to be well behind him, he’s hopeful for a time that would rival my own […]

Yesterday, One Day, And Today

Meds & Taper Crazies II

Like any good, well-prepared, crazy hypochondriac runner 12 days before a big race, I have bought a course of prophylactic cold medication to be started early next week or at the very first sign of any would-be impending contagion. Whichever comes first.

Do They Prescribe Drugs For Taper-Induced Madness?

There are times in every relationship when you love someone BECAUSE of who they are. And there are times when you love someone DESPITE of who they are. The following account demonstrates each situation to its utmost. Let’s not quibble as to who is loved because and who is loved despite. Let’s just be grateful […]