Do They Prescribe Drugs For Taper-Induced Madness?

There are times in every relationship when you love someone BECAUSE of who they are. And there are times when you love someone DESPITE of who they are. The following account demonstrates each situation to its utmost. Let’s not quibble as to who is loved because and who is loved despite. Let’s just be grateful for love, shall we?

D got his schedule early.

And he has the night off the day before the marathon.
I saw it as a sign.
A sign from God.
A blessing from above.
For MY marathon.

A nice quiet day.
An early night to bed.
I can see it all now.
And what I see is blissful.
It’s utterly beautiful.

And then it happened.
D suggested we visit relatives.
Horror of horrors.
No. NO! A thousand times NO!!!

Don’t get me wrong.
I love them.
I love them like family.
That’s good right?
But that’s not the point.

The point is.
Is it’s the night before the marathon.
MY marathon.
We can’t go out.

The culmination of months and months of training.
I am like a pregnant lady ordered off her feet.
I must rest.
I can’t move.

Was I too harsh in my rebuke?
Am I being selfish?
Oh my poor D.
And how he puts up with me.
And it’ll be our anniversary weekend.

Now I feel bad.
But not indignant bad like I was.
Like remorseful bad.
At being a schmuck.
A self-centred shmuck.

I call.
I apologize.
D laughs.
D gets it.
D gets me.

It’s the taper crazies.
They’ve started already.
And race day is still 12 days away.

Oh God help us one and all.



  1. You’re not being a self-centred schmuck. You’ve spent months working towards this, and visits can always wait for another time but you only get one shot at this, so it’s perfectly reasonable to say no this time round. =)

    1. Thanks NT. Thankfully D sees it that way too! Phew…

    2. D may go visit on his own. Which is perfectly fine. So long as no one tries to move the crazy hormonal marathoner off the couch.

  2. Xanax. Show him your story and your MD may offer it as an IV…


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