Inspired By Others

We stood at the 16k mark of the marathon. Watching first the lead runners, then the Boston Qualifiers, and then the pack runners who comprise the bulk of any race. Each runner heroic. Each athlete admirable.

They say we are all connected. They say we are all one. That one person’s joy can be felt by another. Empathy. That one person’s anguish is palpable. Sympathy.

We stood at the 16k mark of the marathon and watched one such instance vividly. Painfully. A young man at the apex of his powers. Felled by what I don’t know. It could have been physical. It could have been mental. But while he was still on pace to qualify for Boston, he pulled himself off to the side of the road and cried inconsolably for several long mournful minutes. His dreams evaporated. His training futile.

As we stood and watched, we felt his pain. We felt his heartache.

We are all connected.

Empathy? Yes.

Sympathy? Most certainly.

Inspiration? You bet.



  1. Always great posts Rod. Seems like you don’t post as much anymore. Miss you man.

    1. Thanks Bill. I guess life has gotten in the way of my blog posts and blog reading this last little while. It’s my busy season at work as my clients try to use up their benefits before year’s end. And truthfully sometimes I wonder if what I have to say is really interesting enough to put down.

      How are you?

      1. Always enjoy what you write 🙂 I know all about the time thing some nights after work I don’t have the energy to blog even more so since I’ve upped my mileage. I miss doing my picture runs too.

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